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Samuel Armacost
SRI International


Eric Feldstein
General Motors Acceptance Corporation

Jim Frank
Wheels, Inc.

Jim Gaither
Sutter Hill Ventures

Bob Haas
Levi Strauss

Warren Hellman
Hellman & Friedman Capital Partners

Christy Jones
Trilogy Software

Peggy Jude

Candice Mendenhall
ICF International

Geoff Merszei
Dow Chemical

Jim Mullen

Peter Ragauss
Baker Hughes

John Renfro
The Walt Disney Company

David Robino

Joan Ryan

Jerry Toomer
Dow Agrosciences

William Wrigley, Jr
Wm. Wrigley, Jr. Company


William Wrigley, Jr
Chief Executive Officer
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company


"After a careful selection process, Kevin Hanrahan was hired to help us fill the key executive position of Chief Financial Officer that was being vacated by our then-retiring CFO.

Kevin was instrumental in this recruitment because of his unique sensitivity to the importance of both skill set and culture match when searching for and identifying the right individual for this position.

I trusted Kevin to get the job done right which he did in making some very successful recruitments for several key executive positions for us."